Keeping the automotive industry's wheels turning...

A major first tier supplier to some of the world's biggest automotive OEM's European Plants called at 4pm on a Sunday Afternoon with a massive problem.

One of their main production presses had developed a fault with its hydraulic pump and 15kW motor. This was no standard hydraulic pump, it was a triple-set. To exacerbate the problem the customer had only one maintenance engineer on shift, and the pump and motor set had to be removed from height. They called Vantage and within the hour on that Sunday Afternoon our service engineer on site to remove the pump and motor assembly ready for urgent inspection and repair.

Following our thorough strip-down and inspection, the 15kW motor was found to need a full rewind. The triple hydraulic pump set was beyond repair. By 10am the following morning, we had returned the 15kW motor - fully rewound. By 2pm that same afternoon a replacement triple pump set was delivered to site and installed by the customer’s own maintenance crew.

This swift response and action from Vantage saved our customer £250,000 in penalty charges from the automotive OEMs - which would have been incurred for missed delivery schedules had the repair taken just 4 hours longer. This response and fast action to rewind the motor and the more difficult task of replacing the pump set is typical of what we do. We are the the problem solvers.

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