When you're pressed for time, Vantage has the answers.

How Vantage turned a catastrophic failure into a monumental success.

When the hydraulic pump and motor set on a 5000 tonne injection moulding machine failed catastrophically at 6pm a major German automotive first tier supplier knew just who to call - Vantage.

Having called the machine manufacturer’s service department they were told that a replacement pump and motor was on a 4 week delivery. The only company they were aware of who could repair a pump of this type was based in the north of England and were not available until 9am the next morning.

Vantage were on site within 30 minutes to ascertain the complexity of the problem and the viability of a swift and successful repair. By 8pm it was found that the 22kW motor had both drive-end and non-drive end total bearing failure. To exacerbate the problem, the bearings had broken up and debris had contaminated the windings.

Fortunately the motor’s laminations were not damaged so a switft repair and rewind was carried out without hesitation. This however was the relatively easy part.

Contrary to the expectations of the OE machine manufacturer, Vantage were able within 3 days to completely refurbish the Rexroth triple pump set for about ⅓ of the cost of a new replacement. The complete turn-around had taken 3 days. The pump was returned to the customer on the Saturday afternoon, ready for installation for the start of the Monday 6am shift.