Vantage Industrial

Keeping the wheels of industry turning.


Vantage Industrial Equipment has over 25 years experience in supplying, installing and servicing Pneumatic Equipment. Many of our valued clients make extensive use of pneumatics throughout their production processes and depend on the unsurpassed levels of service and support we offer to keep their plants running smoothly. We can supply entire installations, or single components - from Compressors and Accumulators, Servo Valves, Cylinders and Motors, FRL Units, right through to Hand Operated Tools and the Pipework Installations that connect them.

From working closely with our customers, we understand the importance of performance and reliability from Pneumatics Systems and have developed Service Programmes uniquely tailored to their requirements, including; regular Air Compressor Servicing, Certification of Pressure Accumulators to the latest legal requirements, FRL Unit maintainence, laboratory analysis for polutants, and entire system analysis to repair leaks and cut costs.